Are the photos on the website showing an exact color match to the real Fabric?

We tried our best to match the photo color with the real product color. But different light may show a different color and the even the resolution of the monitors may lead to an appearance of slightly different colors. Also, the different batch may or may not have minor variation in colors due to sunlight color matching for all our products.


Are the small knots occur in some of the wrap unnoticed during checking?

No. Usually, during warping when the particular meter of yarns is finished the next bundles of yarns, will be tied to existing yarn. So this is natural to have knots in some wraps. This will not hurt or make a patch on the mother or the baby.


Can I get the new size for the product according to my requirement?

You can check the size availability by sending an email to info@mambabywrap before you make the order. If avails, the price of the wrap/sling has to be made according to the next nearest size of our wrap/sling.


Do your dyes meet any Safety standard?

Yes, all our dyes meet the standard quality of  OEKO- TEX 100.


Do you have any quality certification?

Yes, all our organic products are GOTS certified yarns. All our product are certified by ISO 17020 Accredited body for quality standard.


Do you have queries related other than the FAQs?

You can contact through our contact form.